Mitt Romney

Change is rarely graceful. Change is difficult. Change is most often feared most by those who have the most to lose by it taking place.  America has changed greatly in the last eight years and we have swung to a more apologetic and defensive stance on economic and world issues. While it is naïve to believe the entire cause rests within the oval office, our nation’s highest leader is the figurehead and guiding force of politics in our nation. It is the executive office that represents the tip of America’s spear and the head that directs the movement of the body.

When it comes to change in our government, it is the career politicians who have the most to lose. It is often said that if a change cannot be found, there is much money to be made in prolonging the problem. This however, is not in our DNA as Americans. Our country was born on change, has thrived on change and has used change to become a dominant superpower.

Darwin famously said, It is not the strongest or most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change. With an absence of term limits, we are not forcing those in power to think differently or produce better results. Old ways do not open new doors. Not surprisingly, those most connected with the political establishment put up the biggest fight against change.

Regardless of your political persuasion, we can unanimously agree that given our choices, our country is on the verge of change following the next election. This year we will make the choice between America’s first socialist president in Bernie Sanders, America’s first candidate facing indictment during election  in Hillary Clinton, and one of America’s most unabashed and successful capitalists in Donald Trump.  There is much to fear for those who loathe change as each of these candidates will change America in a very marked way. This has led some to look for a different option.

In recent months, Mitt Romney has bucked the inevitable change that is imminent based on the votes of our primaries. As both Republicans and Democrats, we are united in that we desire this change and are putting forward a slate of candidates to do so. While he has recently given up his crusade to recruit an independent candidate, the thinking and motivations behind Mr. Rommney’s decisions should be questioned. Does Mr. Rommney feel America would be better in the hands of a socialist? Does he feel she would be better in the hands of a candidate that should and may be indicted by the FBI for her actions as Secretary of State? His attacks on Trump make such a reality a distinct possibility. As the head of the Republican Party in the 2012 election, Mr. Rommney should know better than anyone why America needs Donald Trump’s brand of change. Rommney’s limp and worn out message did little to quell the fervor of the Obama faithful. Even with his front row seat, Rommney didn’t get the message the American people were sending.

What Mitt Rommney doesn’t understand is that Donald Trump is our best choice, and more importantly, he is the people’s choice. The slate of establishment Republicans for this election at times didn’t even fit on the stage, and state after state, the people weeded through the rhetoric and selected Donald Trump as their presidential hopeful. While Mr. Rommney is trying to appear as the GOP savior, his actions are in direct contrast to the will of the people. As an elected official, your job, your mission and your purpose is to represent the people and their interests, even if those interests may not directly align with your own. This is the burden of politics, and a burden that Mitt Rommney seems unable to bear.

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