Liberally Focused Universities

According to Sallie Mae, parents pick up an average of 32% of their children’s college tuition costs. As parents, we desire our children pick the right college. We desire our children to build their character through eduction. We look to colleges and universities to provide an atmosphere where a young mind can question, learn and grow. We look to colleges and universities to produce graduates that can compete and thrive in today’s workforce. Given the rising costs of college, these requests should become requirements. Surveying the landscape, students are provided with many college choices. Aside from their programs, majors and classes, we urge parents to take a close look at the culture in which your son or daughter will be residing for the next four years. Does that culture embody your family’s values? Does that culture allow your son or daughter to have opposing views? How are those views treated by the university and it’s culture? As a young mind grows, these are all important questions to ask that go beyond major or career. Too often, colleges and universities prescribe to a one-sided approach to education. The liberal left is well represented and any opposition is not allowed to speak, thrive, or grow. This is not the type of environment that is beneficial to an individual who, in a short time, will be required to live outside the “university bubble” and will be expected to have the skills of working and sharing information with those of opposing views. We ask that you have these conversations in your home. We ask that you take a critical look at the culture present at your son or daughter’s prospective college or university. We ask that you share with them the importance of free speech, ask tough questions before making their college choice, and consider looking at college options that allow conservative views a seat at the discussion table.

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