The Gun Control Charade

Every time there is a tragic mass shooting we hear calls from highly uninformed and sometimes dishonest politicians,  to disarm the good and law abiding citizens in our country. If any of my loved ones were ever in a situation with a deranged shooter, I would hope they were lucky enough to have an armed citizen nearby. It is no coincidence that most of these shootings are happening in gun free zones. At least in the attached article, we hear the truth from one honest democrat. Senator Howard Metzenbaum said that the” truth is  it does no good to ban one gun unless you ban all of them.”  And as you start limiting types of firearms you have the potential of a law abiding citizen with a smaller capacity gun going up against a criminal with an illegally owned  ‘banned’ gun. Unless they plan to get ALL of the guns.  Except, of course  for the guns of the bodyguards who  protect our more elite citizens.

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