Help us send a strong signal to journalists everywhere. An ethical press is essential to a free Nation. Journalists have a right to their own political opinions but it is unethical and dangerous to let it be reflected in their stories. We ask you to help us bring attention this extremely important issue. Let’s drive their ratings to ground zero. For the month of September please consider getting your news from other sources.

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Hillary Clinton

Hillary has shown nothing but contempt for the American public. She willfully defied all regulations and protocols regarding treatment of classified documents. And then she lied to us at every turn. She NEVER took personal responsibility. The reality is that transparency did not serve her purposes. She and her husband used the Clinton Foundation as a vehicle for personal wealth by selling access. And her emails would have provided a road map to that corruption. If anyone else in the country destroyed evidence while under court subpoena , they would be in jail. Please boycott her behavior by not promoting her to the most powerful position in our government.

We are calling for a boycott of any donations to the Clinton Foundation. Stand with us to show your support for government and individual responsibilities.

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