Steven Colbert

Steven Colbert is not an asset to any cause. His brash comments routinely cross the line, overshadow, and drag down any legitimate argument that may be brought to light. Sadly, Steven Colbert isn’t going anywhere after his recent below the belt jabs at Donald Trump. His ratings are up and “going low” has brought Steven Colbert to a new high. This is our fault. Regardless of our political affiliation, we are given more than one vote. We vote for our leaders, but we continue to vote each day based on the content we choose to watch, the media we choose to consume and the ratings boost we deliver by tuning into the media circus. We ask that you boycott Steven Colbert. We ask that you reach out to the FCC and let them know that his recent behavior is not acceptable. We ask that you continue to use your power of boycott to send a message to Steven Colbert and CBS that his behavior will not be tolerated.

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